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Hue LED Light Bulb available at Apple retail stores


Philips has introduced the hue, which it says is the world’s first Web-enabled LED home lighting system available direct to the consumer. Offered exclusively through Apple stores beginning Oct. 30, the hue starter kit includes three LED bulbs that fit into any standard light fixture, a bridge that connects to existing wireless routers.

Philips hue purportedly sets up in minutes and, with a download of the hue application, the system can be controlled from any iOS or Android device. From the app, consumers can remotely control their home lighting for added security, personalize their lighting experience with custom settings, or program timers to help manage daily schedules, all through the convenience of their smart device.

Hue starter kits will retail for US$199 and are available at Apple stores nationwide. Additional bulbs will be available at $59. For more info go to .

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