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Hitcase transforms iPhone 5 into an action camera


Hitcase Corp. has announced two new waterproof cases for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4s by transforming the smartphone into a point-of-view camera for action sports.

The Hitcase and Hitcase Pro both feature a patent-pending ShockSeal design that protects your iPhone from the elements and shields it from shocks and drops while allowing use of the touch screen, buttons and headphone jack. They also include the Railslide Mount System with auto-locking functionality and a one-button trigger release designed to make it quick and simple to mount the cases to just about anything. The Hitcase Pro adds a built-in, removable wide angle lens that doubles the effective field of view of your iPhone’s camera.

Both models of Hitcase come with two mounts, including the StickR mount for helmets and other surfaces, and a tripod adapter so that you can mount the cases to any standard 1/4×20 mount. You can get your iPhone in and out of the cases in three seconds, says Hitcase creator and CEO Brooks Bergreen.

The Hitcase and Hitcase Pro for iPhone 4/4s are available now at for US$89.99 and $129.99, respectively, and ship in 30 days. Hitcase and Hitcase Pro for iPhone 5 will be available for purchase in mid-December.

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