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Kool Tools: Hitcase cases for the iPhone X

If you’re looking for some kool cases for the iPhone X, Hitcase makes a sweet trio: the Crio, Shield LINK, and PRO. 

The $39.99 Crio ( isn’t waterproof, but is rugged, offering drop resistant up to six feet and wireless charging compatibility. It utilizes the  magnetic Link Mount System for use with optional TrueLUX  lenses and seven different mounts.

If you want more protection, go with the $89.99 Shield LINK ( It’s waterproof (in depths of up to 10 feet) and drop proof up to 10 feet. Despite ruggedness, it has a thin, sleek design and is made of lightweight aluminum. The LINK comes with not one, but two, screen protectors. It’s also wireless charging compatible and utilizes magnetic Link Mount System for use with optional TrueLUX (waterproof) lenses and eight different mounts.

For the ultimate in protection, go for the $99.99 Hitcase PRO ( It’s waterproof up to 33 feet and drop resistance up to 16 feet— all in a thin frame. The PRO (pictured) also supports wireless charging. You can use it with the Hitcase TrueLUX (waterproof) lenses and mount it with Railslide mount system with all eight Hitcase mounts. What’s more, it’s also compatible with GoPro mounts

What’s cool about the TrueLUX (waterproof) lenses is that theywork across all of the Hitcase cases and iPhone models. The Crio and Shield LINK will snap on magnetically; you screw them on with the PRO.

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