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XtremeMac introduces Soma Frame, Tango Air speakers


XtremeMac ( has added two new products to its line: the Soma Frame speaker (top picture) and the Tango Air (bottom speaker).

The US$299.99 Soma Frame is the first XtremeMac speaker system designed to wrap around your iPad. Consumers can enjoy the enhanced sound while utilizing the frame for portability (it features a lithium-ion battery for up to six hours of playback time) or setting it into the dock for the added power of a subwoofer.

The $299.99 XtremeMac Tango Air is an AirPlay speaker compatible with home or office WiFi. Its design allows for high fidelity audio whether positioned horizontally or vertically, making it a highly adjustable speaker option for Apple users. Features include:

° Sound configuration including two tweeters, two full range drivers, one subwoofer and one passive radiator;

° A piano gloss finish and satin plated buttons;

° A rear USB slot that charges your iOS device.

° Auxiliary line-in that provides the flexibility to listen to music on any device that has a headphone jack.

AirPlay is Apple technology that lets you wirelessly stream music and video throughout your entire house or office to AirPlay-enabled devices on your network.

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