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Mac OS X software updates for June 20


Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps:

Paragon Software Group (PSG) has released an update to Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite and Professional editions. The latest enhancements include new incremental imaging capabilities boosting the efficiency of the network backup and updated data wiping for Professional edition users, and HFS file system conversion for both editions. For more info go to .

CS Odessa ( has given us an updated version of its mind mapping tool, ConceptDraw MindWave for SAP  StreamWork. The upgrade sports a new menu, topic hyperlink capability and more.

Unmarked Software ( has served up TextSoap 7.3, an update to its text processing and editing utility for OS X. The update brings support for silent launching with Services and AppleScript, hi-res image support for Retina displays, Gatekeeper support and various bug fixes.

SintraWorks has announced PDF Nomad 1.4, an update to its PDF editor made especially for OS X Lion. The upgrade adds nine new features, including Retina display support, improved window restoration, new text export and page selection options and more.

.com Solutions ( has released FmPro Script Diff 1.61, a maintenance release adding compatibility with FileMaker 12 and support for script folders. FileMaker 12 Scripts are detected automatically when they are discovered on the ClipBoard, and are processed accordingly. Transferring scripts between FileMaker Pro 12 and FmPro Script Diff is accomplished by copying and pasting the scripts via the clipboard. No DDR Export is required.

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