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Akitio releases Cloud Hybrid enclosure


Akitio has added the Cloud Hybrid to the company’s expanding personal cloud server product line.  This hybrid enclosure combines a personal cloud network attached storage and USB 3.0 direct access storage.
Akitio’s Cloud Hybrid attaches directly to the home network, providing access to all data within the home network. Equipped with an UPnP-AV media server, users can stream content within their local network to any available UPnP-AV and DLNA compatible devices.  Data can also be uploaded to the network drive and shared from multiple workstations via SMB, WebDAV or FTP connection.
This hybrid enclosure offers remote Web-based access for users on the road. With the help of WebDAV, users can manage and view files in the Web browser or through Akitio’s free mobile app on an iPhone or iPad. 

Akitio’s Cloud Hybrid is available for purchase starting at US$99. It can be found at, as well as various Akitio retailers and distributors.

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