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Akitio announces expansion of complete storage solutions 

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Akitio, a manufacturer of storage solutions, says it will now be offering complete storage solutions with pre-installed hard drives and solid state drives. Featuring the MyCloud product line and Thunderbolt series, Akitio’s storage solutions can be found at, and several online and retail outlets across the world. 

Akitio’s MyCloud product line (pictured) was created to provide safe and secure network storage, plus enable users to share their digital content with family and friends.  Users can stream content within their local network to any available UPnP-AV and DLNA compatible devices. 

In addition, data can also be uploaded to the Gigabit network drive and shared from multiple workstations via SMB or FTP connection, similar to any traditional NAS system.  Free iOS and Android apps allow for remote access.

Akitio’s Thunderbolt series includes the 256GB one-bay, bus-powered Thunderbolt storage solution, a follow-up to the company’s 120GB SSD solution. By incorporating the Thunderbolt connection with a speedy SSD drive, this line of storage solutions delivers the fastest transfer speeds for a single drive in an external storage device that is currently available in the market, says Richard Wright, director of global distribution, Akitio.

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