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NAB: G-Tech ships G-RAID with Thunderbolt


At this week’s NAB show in Las Vegas, G-Technology ( announced that it’s shipping its 8TB G-RAID with Thunderbolt drive for the Mac. It’s the highest-capacity, two-drive, RAID 0 external drive in the world, according to Mike Williams of G-Tech.

Incorporating 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) Thunderbolt technology by Intel and two 4TB, 7200 RPM Deskstar hard drives, the new G-RAID with Thunderbolt drive sets a new capacity and performance standard for RAID storage, he adds. It’s aimed at the professional audio/video (A/V) market.

The G-RAID is designed to morph Thunderbolt-enabled laptops and desktops morph into full-fledged video editing workstations. It features two Thunderbolt ports, enabling the connection of up to six Thunderbolt peripherals such as additional G-RAID drives, a high-resolution display and professional video capture devices.

The G-RAID with Thunderbolt drive delivers up to 280MB/second sustained throughput for handling multi-stream compressed HD workflows, including REDCODE, DVCPro HD, XDCAM HD and ProRes 422. It can also transfer a full-length, high-definition, internet-ready H.264 movie in less than a minute.

First in a family of solutions, G-Technology’s new G-RAID with Thunderbolt drive family is currently available in Apple Stores. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the 8TB drive is US$999.99, 6TB is $849.99 and 4TB is $699.99.

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