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Doxie Go provides canning with no computer required


Apparent’s Doxie Go ( is now shipping worldwide. It’s a tiny, cordless scanner with built-in battery and memory that lets you scan anywhere with no computer required.

Doxie’s included app syncs scans, organizes multi-page documents, creates searchable PDFs with ABBYY OCR, and sends to the cloud — Evernote, Dropbox, and more. It can scan everything from bills and receipts to reports, recipes, ideas, cards, photos, and everything else.

Doxie saves multi-page PDF files, JPEG, and lossless PNG files to your desktop. Built-in OCR means your PDFs are searchable.

You can scan up to 600 pages with the Doxie Go’s built-in memory. Or you can insert a USB flash drive or SD card for “endless” storage.

Doxie Go includes the cordless scanner, Doxie 2.0 software, and a carrying case. Buy from Amazon or direct from Apparent for US$199. It works with Mac OS X, Windows and, with an optional accessory, the iPhone and iPad.

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