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Doxie Go scanner gets an update


Apparent has announced Doxie Go (, an upgrade to its US$199 mobile scanner. The Doxie Go scans anywhere with no computer required, then syncs scans to your devices, creates searchable PDFs, sends to the cloud, and more.

The new generation Doxie Go cordless paper scanner delivers enhanced scanning features, new cloud apps, document signing and faxing, Basecamp integration, two all-new accessories, add-on Wi-Fi with iOS + Android sync, and more, according to Paul Scandariato, Apparent’s vice president of marketing.

The Doxie Go is cordless with a rechargeable battery and built-in memory that lets you scan anywhere. Just connect via USB to sync scans and recharge. Doxie’s custom-designed desktop app intuitively organizes multi-page documents, creates searchable PDFs with award-winning ABBYY OCR technology, and sends to the cloud for sharing. When equipped with an add-on wireless SD card, Doxie can transmit scans directly to iPhone, iPad, and Android via Wi-Fi.

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