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NewerTech Introduces NuStand 360 for the iPad


NewerTech ( has announced the US$47.99 NuStand 360 Aluminum Desk Stand for the iPad and iPad 2. It boasts a friction damping, swivel-pivot design.

The Newer Technology NuStand 360’s swivel-pivot design delivers a full range display, says Grant Dahlke, brand manager, NewerTech. It can provide a portrait mode for business presentations and a landscape mode for movie watching. With a scalloped cutaway shape to provide handhold points, the NuStand 360 also serves as an accessory for driving games.

NuStand 360’s aluminum body uses removable silicone “blocks” to securely hold either the iPad or iPad 2. A rear cutout on the body enables nearly hidden routing of a dock connector cable.

To remain stationary on the desktop, the NuStand 360 features a heavy weighted base with an anti-skid rubber foot. It’s coated with a rubberized black finish that’s soft to the touch, yet highly scratch resistant.

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