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NewerTech announces NuStand mini XL Acrylic Riser for Mac mini


Newer Technology ( has announced the US$49.95 NuStand mini XL riser. The solid, single-piece acrylic riser safely elevates a display over a Mac mini or levels the height of a smaller, secondary monitor connected to a 27″ iMac.

The NuStand mini XL’s 3.5-inch clearance raises a LCD (up to 30 inches) or CRT (up to 22 inches) over a Mac mini to an ergonomically proper viewing height. Its open-design offers access to all ports and if applicable, the mini’s optical drive slot.

Although the NuStand mini XL is designed for the Mac mini, it offers a display solution for 27-inch iMac owners wanting to use a smaller, secondary monitor. In addition to leveling the height between displays, the NuStand mini XL also provides the ideal location for an Apple Wireless Keyboard, an external hard drive solution, and  other low-profile devices, according to the folks at Newer Technology.

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