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Quark Publishing System steps up iPad publishing with new release


Quark has released Quark Publishing System 9.1, the new version of their dynamic publishing platform for automated publishing to print, Web, e-reader, mobile, and tablet devices.

The new version is compatible with QuarkXPress 9.1 and App Studio, allowing media and corporate publishers to publish to the iPad and other digital formats without hiring a separate team of developers. According to Quark, the update also: incorporates digital assets and workflows into their existing publishing system; automates publishing to the iPad and ePUB format; and lets all system users share, access, and collaborate on digital publishing projects.

With Quark Publishing System 9.1 users can also add digital publishing assets and workflows to existing content, which reduces or even eliminates the need for a separate team to work on digital output, according to Quark. For example, users can add video editors to existing workflows, set up separate workflows for digital publications and even digital publishing assets, such as slideshows and podcasts, and allow multi-media specialists to engage in the publishing workflow just as writers, editors, and designers do by checking-in and managing assets.

Additionally, Quark Publishing System 9.1 makes assets stored in Quark Publishing System available for re-use in Composition Zones and as Shared Content. Quark says this capability reduces and eliminates the time designers spend searching for assets, improves consistency and accuracy by ensuring all layouts use assets from a single source, and makes updates faster and easier because a change to an asset stored in Quark Publishing System is automatically reflected in all instances where an asset is used.

For a full overview of what’s new in Quark Publishing System 9.1, go to . Quark App Studio is an integrated set of tools that lets designers create branded apps for the iPad, distribute apps through the Apple App Store, and design and publish engaging interactive content from QuarkXPress that can be purchased and downloaded from within their apps. For details go to .

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