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Quark Publishing System integration with Cumulus demoed

Canto Japanese partner Hulinks wowed attendees during Tokyo’s
Page2009 exposition, held earlier this month, when it showed live
demonstrations of the new Cumulus/Quark Publishing System integration
developed by Canto Professional Services. The integration will be
available throughout Japan through the partnered marketing and sales
efforts of Hulinks and Quark Japan.

The integration offers Quark Publishing System (QPS) users access to
special Cumulus DAM services developed specifically for Quark
products, including the ability to search for assets right from
within QuarkXPress, drag and drop assets into layouts, and catalog
new and edited layouts back into Cumulus. Cumulus client services are
built into the integration, enabling QPS users to interact with their
asset collections without the need to learn new software.

“Our live demonstrations were well received, especially by potential
customers and system integrators who are looking for a professional
DAM option,” explains Noboru Wakabayashi, manager of marketing
communications for Hulinks. “Thanks to Canto’s Cumulus/QPS
integration, Cumulus plugs right into QPS workflows with minimal
disruption. We’re happy to be partnered with Quark Japan to deliver
these new capabilities to QPS users in the region.”

QuarkXPress 8, QuarkXPress Server 8, and the Quark Publishing System
were released in Japan last year. Advances in that product line,
coupled now with the Cumulus integration, enable Quark Japan and
Hulinks to provide publishing solutions that meet the needs of
enterprises that require secure digital asset management.

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