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Scosche releases myTrek pulse monitor, iOS app


Scosche ( has released the myTrek pulse monitor with an accompanying app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

myTrek utilizes two LEDs combined with a photo sensor to detect minute changes in the user’s blood pressure to measure pulse.  A built-in accelerometer allows the myTREK to adjust for movement during exercise from the user’s heartbeat allowing for an accurate measurement of pulse and calories burned.

Users can personalize their workouts by selecting their type of activity, target training zone and type of workout.  A male or female voice prompt updates the user’s progress in real time letting them know how close they are to accomplishing their goals or if they have moved outside their desired target heart rate zone. Work out data is then stored on the device and can be viewed in the app’s calendar to see what days the user worked out and what was accomplished during each individual workout. 

The myTrek’s arm-strap design fits over the muscular portion of the user’s forearm and provides track and volume control.  A lithium ion battery provides five hours of continuous workout time before the myTrek needs to be charged with the included USB cable.  The myTrek ships with small, medium and large armbands.

The Scosche myTrek is available now at Apple retails stores,, 24-Hour Fitness gyms and for $129.99 and is coming to Target, and Verizon Wireless stores soon.

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