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Inspector Pro 3.0.v2 supports FileMaker Server

Beezwax Datatools and FM::Nexus have released Inspector Pro 3.0v2 (, an update to the tool for analyzing & debugging FileMaker database systems. It now now supports FileMaker Server, allowing a team of developers to easily collaborate on database optimization.

Files can now be opened on an iPad using FileMaker Go. In addition, Inspector Pro 3.0v2 itself can check other FileMaker Pro databases for compatibility when deployed on iPad or iPhone with FileMaker Go. Also, version 3.0v2 gathers a summary of unreferenced objects in a FileMaker database solution, and the update includes various fixes to address known issues.

Inspector Pro 3.0v2’s new support for FileMaker Server allows multiple developers to collaborate more easily on database optimization. This is useful for multiple developers working together on a project, says Vincenzo Menanno, founder of FM:Nexus and Director of FileMaker Development for Beezwax Datatools. They can take advantage of the the rich cross-referencing available with Inspector Pro, sharing a centrally generated list of problems, warnings and suggestions, he adds. In addition to showing references for Field, Script and Layout items, Inspector Pro 3.0v2’s report on unreferenced items enables developers to remove unused database elements.

Inspector Pro 3.0v2 is available for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher or Windows XP/Vista/7, and works with FileMaker database versions 11, 10, 9, or 8. FileMaker Advanced is required for a developer to generate a DDR (Database Design Report) to be used for database analysis.

Inspector Pro 3 is priced at US$495 for new customers, and is available for purchase and immediate download through Beezwax Datatools. A trial download is also available. Current Inspector Pro 3.0 customers can download the 3.0v2 update via Beezwax Datatools.

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