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Freedom is new universal iPad mount


MountMe ( has unveiled the US$49.99 Freedom, an all-in-one carrying and mounting device for the iPad. It’s a protective case that can transform into an adaptable mounting device.

With Freedom an iPad can be mounted and viewed virtually anywhere. including on car seats, head rests, airplane seats, walls, mirrors, windows and more. Whether you are at home, in a hotel, outside or on the go, Freedom provides a secure yet flexible and instantly accessible mounting and protective system that allows users to position their iPad where they need it, when they need it, says MountMe founder Brien Spina, It’s also great for use in a workplace such as a doctor’s office, lawyer’s office, business office and a classroom, he adds.

Freedom’s mobile mounting strap allows you to securely mount your tablet to a headrest, car visor, your leg, and any other object you can wrap a strap around. Suction cups attach to the small bracket portion of the Freedom mount, and allow a secure mounting option for hard surfaces such as glass, mirrors or a refrigerator

Freedom comes with screws for permanent mounting options on a wall or other solid object It has the ability to pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees.

The Freedom’s patented design bracket acts as a kickstand for your favorite photo album or, by reversing the bracket with a turn of the wrist, it will put the tablet into a typing position. MountMe has developed a quick release on/off bracket that allows you to remove the tablet from its mounting position to a mobile position while providing the user with a heavy duty protective carrying case.

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