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MountMe announces Freedom for the iPad, iPad 2

MountMe has released the Freedom and Freedom II, multi-functional case-mount hybrids for the iPad and iPad 2. They provide users with the flexibility to mount their device wherever they desire.

Available with four suction cups and a heavy duty mobile mounting strap, the protective case mounts to just about any surface and location. In addition, their patented design doubles as a kickstand, allowing it to tilt up to 90 degrees with 360 degrees rotation to switch from portrait to landscape and anything in between.

Both the Freedom and Freedom II are designed to safely and securely hug the corners and sides of the iPad and iPad 2, preventing them from slipping and scratching. Available in a variety of colors, the Freedom and Freedom II can be permanently wall-mounted using screws and detached using their Quick Release Bracket system, transforming it from a mount to a case in seconds.

All MountMe products, including the Freedom and Freedom II (US$49.99), the MountMe B2B with Security Mounting Option ($54.99), and the CleanMe cleaner ($6.99) are available at .

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