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DiskRadar 1.0 for Mac OS X offers hard disk fault prediction, more


Binary Fruit has introduced DiskRadar 1.0 ( for Mac OS X, an utility featuring hard disk fault prediction, infographic usage data, cleanup function, and HD temperature monitoring to prevent overheating.

Designed for use by non-technical users, the application provides access to sufficient hard drive diagnostic data to satisfy any system administrator, according to the folks at Binary Fruit. Additional features include: 64 bit, multi-core optimization; 100% safe in-app file removal; and history-based disk health evaluation.

DiskRadar 1.0 is compatible with all: standard internal hard drives (IDE/ATA/SATA and RAID); external hard drives (FireWire drives, USB drives, thumbdrives); CD/DVD drives and images; network share drives and FUSE drives; and Time Machine volumes. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

DiskRadar has three types of licenses. There’s the lite version for US$14.95 (with limited time introductory pricing of $12.95). There’s the pro version for $24.95 (with limited time introductory pricing of $15.95). And there’s the pro family version for $49.95 ((with limited time introductory pricing of $29.95).

The lite version allows the user to monitor the health of only one drive. The pro version supports disk health diagnostics for an unlimited number of disk drives, and also provides Scan as Administrator mode and Terminal/Command-Line integration. The pro family pack provides a pro license for up to four family members and up to eight Macs (not valid for business or commercial use).

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