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Beta of DiskRadar 1.0 for Mac OS X available


The DiskRadar Team ( has introduced DiskRadar 1.0 Beta for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It’s an utility featuring infographic display of the disk space usage, simple cleanup function, hard disk fault prediction, and temperature monitoring to prevent overheating.

Designed for use by non-technical users, the application provides access to HDD diagnostic data. Additional features include on-the-fly visualization of scanning results and history-based disk health evaluation.

DiskRadar performs real-time hard drive health status monitoring. It monitors the disk and also analyzes the changes in all disk parameters that are closely related to HDD failures (pending bad sectors count, reallocated bad sectors, uncorrectable bad sectors, CRC errors, etc.), and alerts the user to the possibility of impending failure. The app’s health diagnostics algorithms are based on recent research in this field. DiskRadar detects not only OK/Verified and Failed disk health states, but also the Failing (Pre-Fail) state. This enables the user to transfer data and replace the disk before a crash.

DiskRadar has two license types: a “lite” version for US$19.95 and a “pro” version for $29.95. The lite version allows the user to monitor the health of only one drive. The pro version supports disk health diagnostics for an unlimited number of disk drives, and also provides “Scan as Administrator” mode and “Terminal/command-line integration”.

There’s a 50% discount during the beta period. What’s more, the first 1000 customers purchasing DiskRadar Pro may use the special coupon code, PROBETA, and get an additional 20% discount .

DiskRadar 1.0 Beta is available for free download from DiskRadar’s web site. The Beta will expire on Jan. 17, 2011. Just remember: beta software is unfinished software so use with care.

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