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Panorama database program for Mac, Windows revved to version 6.0

ProVUE Development has released Panorama 6.0 (, an upgrade to the RAM-based database program for Mac and Windows platforms. New features include:

° A 5x speed boost on Intel-based Macs;

° Live Preview — complex search and data manipulation operations are instantly previewed as the user types and clicks;

° A new Total Recall feature protects data from power failures and crashes;

° A new Time Lapse feature allowsa database to be “rolled back” to its previous state (to recover accidentally deleted record, for example);

° The ability to drag to re-arrange the order of database fields;

° The ability to temporarily hide database fields;

° The ability to right click on any data cell or column header for context sensitive pop-up menu for selecting, sorting, and other common operations, including a “show me more like this” search option;

° A new search dialog with dozens of new options, live preview, and the ability to save favorite searches;

° Simplified data manipulation, calculation and analysis;

° Simplified import an export, including the ability to drag direct from Numbers or Excel into Panorama, or from Panorama into Numbers, Excel, Word or Pages;

° A Programming Assistant pop-up menu and dialog.

Panorama 6.0 is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”). Demo versions are available for download. For new users the cost is US$299. Upgrades are $139.95 from version 5.5, $179.95 for version 5.0 and $199.95 for version 4.0.

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