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ProVUE Development releases Panorama X database for the Mac

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ProVUE Development has released Panorama X, a general purpose database system for Macs. It sports a 64-bit RAM based database engine and universal multi-level Undo.

Panorama X also introduces a new flexible usage based approach to software subscriptions, according to ProVUE Development founder James Rea. He says that notable features include the following:

° The Panorama X data sheet displays rows and columns like a spreadsheet, but has special functions optimized for working with structured database information.

° Panorama X includes an application builder that enables the user to build a custom interface, including custom windows, dialogs, forms, labels and custom reports. The user/developer has complete control over the layout, and if necessary, any programming needed. Layouts can be fixed or responsive to window size. Programming code can be embedded into any element, much like HyperCard(TM).

° Panorama X allows huge data sets to be bent, reshaped or refactored at will. Fields can be added, removed, rearranged, hidden, merged or split at any time. Entire datasets can be altered ,based on parsing/manipulation rules set up from pop-up menus (advanced users can also use arbitrary formulas and regular expressions).

° Panorama X can search and sort data by any field or combination of fields. Advanced search options include phonetic searches, regular expressions, and formula based searches.

° Every aspect of Panorama X operation can be automated – database manipulation, modifying database structure, even graphical layout tasks can be automated. Basic automation doesn’t require any programming at all ; the Panorama X program recorder can watch the user’s action and automatically write the corresponding code.

° Panorama X includes analysis tools that transform raw data into an easily digestible, interactive outline. Users can quickly shift their vantage point in the outline – zooming out to grasp key overall trends, or drilling down to focus in on important details and chase down loose ends that they might otherwise never have noticed.

° Panorama X includes full support for industry standard regular expressions, enabling powerful and lightning fast pattern match based searches and search/replace. There are literally thousands of regular expression pattern matching examples online (as well as in books) that can be plugged directly into Panorama X.

° Panorama X’s relational model supports one record-to-one record links, range-to-one record (shipping and tax tables, for example), and one record-to-many records. Relational keys are not limited to a single field, and can even be defined with a formula.

° Panorama X can import text files in comma separated (csv), tab separated (tsv), or json format. Export supports the same formats as well as HTML and PDF. Data can be restructured as it is imported or exported to match up with external programs (for example re-arranging, merging or splitting fields as the data is imported or exported).

Panorama X requires macOS 10.9 or later. It’s based on a subscription model. Subscriptions are purchased from within the app. A user can install Panorama X on as many computers as he or she likes. As long as they use it on only one computer at a time, they pay nothing extra. Organizations pay for each computer in use during a month, but without any serial numbers or activation hassles. An organization can scale up or down the number of computers in use at any time – it’s all taken care of automatically within the app itself.

Panorama X can be downloaded directly from the ProVUE Development website ( When Panorama X is first installed, the user is offered a seven-day free trial. Trial days don’t have to be consecutive, they can be spread out over an extended time period. When the trial is complete, the user can simply purchase their subscription from within the application.

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