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Extensis Web Font Service WebINK enters public beta

Extensis, a division of Celartem, has announced a public beta for their new web font service, WebINK ( Built using patented and patent-pending font management technologies that have been extended as a cloud-based service, WebINK gives designers the benefit of using custom fonts on their site without worrying about supported font formats or font licensing issues., says Celartem CEO, Osamu Ikeda.
He says that thousands of quality fonts are available as part of the public beta. It includes multiple ways for users to manage their WebINK font collections — from an online interface or through new WebINK features integrated into an upcoming update to Suitcase Fusion.

W3C standards compliant implementation of the @font-face tag, and includes support for a wide variety of web browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer

WebINK font collections can be managed online, or if preferred, through features integrated into Suitcase Fusion. New features added to Suitcase Fusion provide management of print and web fonts.
Using a web preview feature in Suitcase Fusion, any web page can be previewed without any changes to the web site code, to show how it would look using WebINK fonts. This allows users to preview and select web fonts for their site.

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