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TwonkyBeam adds support for the Mac, Firefox


PacketVideo has updated its TwonkyBeam ( connected home solution to version 1.21, adding support for Mac and Firefox users. Firefox and Mac users can now beam media from sites such as YouTube, Flickr and to connected devices throughout the home.

Separate downloadable versions of TwonkyBeam are now available for PC users running the Internet Explorer browser, Mac users running the Firefox browser, and PC users running the Firefox browser. What’s more, as of version 1.21, the software now supports more high definition YouTube videos, beaming the highest resolution video available on YouTube pages. When HD video is unavailable, TwonkyBeam automatically selects the next highest quality level for streaming to devices.

Additionally, TwonkyBeam now works better than ever with an expanded number of devices such as Yamaha MusicCAST2 wireless multi-room music systems, and hundreds more. And users can now beam music from sites such as to PlugPlayer running on an iPhone.

PV has expanded the number of devices listed on its TwonkyBeam “Need a Device” page, including new Sony Bravia TVs, Denon devices and many others. Users can now change the name of a device by simply right clicking on its icon within the TwonkyBeam interface.

Mac and Firefox users can download and install TwonkyBeam in less than a minute, according to according to Rick Schwartz, senior product manager, PV. Once installed, users can beam content to their favorite device by right clicking on the content. TwonkyBeam also provides a slick display panel that expands to show all of the available media on a web page, enabling users to simply click on the media they’d like to stream, select a media player, and hit play.

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