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… Or maybe it’s just 6.4%


Okay, Gartner says Apple’s US market share has grown. IDC says it’s shrunk for the first quarter of 2010. As the old joke says, “99% of all statistics are made up,” so I guess you can pick which one you like best.

According to IDC, Apple had 6.4% of the US market share in quarter one of 2010, compared to 7% in the same time period a year ago. The research group says Apple sold 1,130,000 Macs for 1Q 2010 compared to 1,043,000 in 1Q 2009.

According to IDC, Apple is fifth among US computer vendors. Ahead of it are, with market shares for 1Q 2010 are HP (25.4%), Dell (24.1%), Acer (13.1%) and Toshiba (8.6%).

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