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mDialog video solution for live streaming on iPhone, iPad

mDialog (, a mobile video and in-stream ad management platform, has announced what it says is first-to-market robust HTML5 adaptive video streaming service with Dynamic Ad-insertion.

mDialog VaaS with dynamic ad-insertion purportedly offers feature capabilities previously only available with Flash video-based solutions. mDialog delivers in-stream ad-insertion, ensuring no gaps between video ads in content on the mDialog iPad/iPhone Video Player SDK (software developer kit) and HTML5-enabled video browsers, such as Safari for the iPad.

“mDialog offers not only feature parity with desktop Flash video-based players, but provides viewers with a better overall user experience and more nuance in choices and styles of to-the-second ad insertions,” says Greg Philpott, President and Founder, mDialog. “And from a targeting perspective, the geo-targeting, device frequency capping and other means of pinpointing a specific audience are far more accurate with mDialog.”

The mDialog in-stream ad solution takes advantage of important new developments in video streaming, namely HTML5 and Adaptive Video Streaming. The benefits of adaptive streaming are clear, but integrating the new protocol into a video ingest workflow and delivery system can be a challenge, Philpott says. For each video to be delivered, it’s necessary to create four or five alternate video files using MPEG-4 H.264 at various bitrates/quality.

Each file then needs to be wrapped in an MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) and segmented into many micro TS files and uploaded to the cloud for streaming. Rather than manually generating this myriad of files for each and every video, mDialog simplifies and automates the processes needed to realize the full potential of the protocol in the Apple mobile ecosystem for a media publisher’s video properties, says Philpott.

mDialog offers two delivery methods — embedded HTML5 video via Safari for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, and the mDialog Video Player SDK for iPad and iPhone. The mDialog SDK takes advantage of specific features those mobile devices can offer.

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