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Skydda Design introduces TradCase, TradDuo for the iPhone 3G/3GS


Skydda Design ( has introduced new hardwood cases for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The TradCase is available in Walnut, Cherry, and exotic Teak hardwoods, and the TradDuo is available in Maple/Walnut or Maple/Cherry.

Each of these cases is carved from a single block of premium-quality hardwood and hand-polished to a luxurious satin finish, according to Skydda Design Co-founder Charles Hodgson. Because natural hardwoods differ in appearance, each TradCase and TradDuo is unique in color-tone and grain, making your case truly one of a kind, he says.

The cases weigh less than half-an-ounce. For an limited time only, Skydda Design is offering an introductory price of US$44.99 for the TradCase and $54.99 for the TradDuo.

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