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ListServ update adds newsletter gallery system

L-Soft ( has released LISTSERV 16, an update of the Mac compatible email list manager. The new version offers a newsletter gallery system that includes HTML newsletter templates.

Also included in the latest LISTSERV software version is the capability for senders to schedule their deliveries in advance and send test messages of newsletters to their own addresses before posting, which is particularly useful for HTML newsletters as HTML standards are supported unevenly across email clients, says Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO, who developed LISTSERV in 1986.

LISTSERV 16 also features an advanced content analysis check, because
no one can afford to waste. LISTSERV 16 senders get an instant score indicating the likelihood of an email getting flagged as spam – especially important because more and more legitimate email is not being delivered because of overzealous spam filtering. In addition, the SpamAssassin system highlights specific details about an individual message that might be problematic and provides best practices to help senders improve deliverability on an ongoing basis.

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