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WaveSense diabetes app released for the iPhone, iPod touch

AgaMatrix, the the makers of the WaveSense line of blood glucose
monitoring products, has launched the WaveSense Diabetes Manager
(, an electronic diabetes logbook
software application for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s available
for free at the Apple App Store (

The company says their app, in development and testing for over a
year, lays the foundation for a series of products to come that will
take advantage of the iPhone and other mobile technology platforms to
assist people with diabetes in the management of their disease.
Features include: data entry; dynamic graphing of glucose data;
automatic mealtime tagging of results; integrated food intake,
activity, and medication data management; insulin dosage management;
statistical analysis of glucose results; integrated emailing of
results; on-screen help menus; and user-personalizable settings

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