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KORE 2.1 adds MIDI Control Mode

Native Instruments ( has released
Kore 2.1. The upgrade adds a MIDI Control Mode that makes the KORE
controller double as a versatile and completely customizable MIDI
control surface.

With KORE 2 you can choose musical characteristics in a new and
expanded KoreSound Browser or use the text search function. Version 2
extends and refines the unified architecture. It sports a realtime
parameter control and sound access functionality. KORE 2 also
integrates sonic capabilities with an included sound library based on
integrated NI instrument engines.

KORE is a “universal sound platform.” According to the folks at NI,
it’s designed to “revolutionize how performers and producers work
with software instruments and effects.” It’s also designed to
integrate all your software instruments and effects into a single,
unified interface. KORE can host any VST and AudioUnit instrument and
effect. It runs stand-alone or as a plug-in within all major
sequencers. KoreSounds can consist of multiple instruments and
effects and can be transferred between songs, systems and studios.

KORE 2 costs US$499 for new users. Version 2.1 is a free update for
registered users of version 2.0.

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