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Native Instruments releases REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS

Native Instruments has just released REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS, a new
KORE SOUNDPACK that explores the world of complex self-generating
soundscapes, textures and rhythms. Powered by several highly advanced
REAKTOR-based sound generators including the innovative “Spiral”
sequencer, REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS provides a literally endless
resource of unique atmospheric sound material for various electronic
music styles, movie and game scoring, art projects, and more.

The sonic arsenal of REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS is based on 200
carefully designed KoreSounds that take advantage of the unparalleled
capabilities of the REAKTOR engine embedded in KORE 2 and the free
KORE PLAYER. The unconventional REAKTOR sound generators “Newscool”,
“Metaphysical Function”, “Spacedrone” and “Skrewell” are utilized to
produce deep, constantly fluctuating soundscapes that range from dark
to meditative and from moody to abstract.

REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS also introduces the new sequencing
instrument “Spiral”, the latest creation of REAKTOR master builder
Lazyfish, based on a highly unusual and inspirational approach to
pattern generation. Spiral uses concentric sequencing lanes and
advanced algorithms to create continuously shifting, kaleidoscopic
melodies, and can be routed into any sound source that accepts MIDI

All sounds in REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS offer powerful sound shaping
options through eight “morphable” Sound Variations per preset, with
crucial sound parameters also conveniently assigned to the unified
KORE user interface. Owners of REAKTOR 5 get full access to the
panels of the individual ensembles for full control of every single
sound parameter.

The Spiral ensemble is also available separately as a free download
for all owners of REAKTOR 5 through the NI Service Center application.

REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS is available for download purchase in the
NI Online Shop for a suggested retail price of $59 / 49 EUR.

More information on REAKTOR ANIMATED CIRCUITS including audio demos
can be found at

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