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Booyah Society is new social game for the iPhone, iPod touch

Booyah ( — a Silicon Valley start-up founded
by former games industry veterans Keith Lee, Brian Morrisroe and Sam
Christiansen — has launched its first product Booyah Society, the
first social game based on real-life achievements for the iPhone and
iPod touch. It’s available for free at the Apple App Store.

Booyah Society is the kernel product for Booyah’s long-term vision,
says Booyah CEO Keith Lee. Booyah’s goal is to help people to improve
their lives and catalyze mass action through an artfully stylized,
immersive app that blends game mechanics and emergent social
behavior, he adds.

Booyah Society allows iPhone and iPod touch users to track their
activities, earn recognition for their accomplishments, and
participate in positive social engagement. Via a customizable 3-D
avatar that resides in a designed world, Booyah members can track
their daily accomplishments in real-time with nine activity zones
that help to categorize and visualize activities. Booyah even
inspires discovery of new hobbies by providing helpful
recommendations for local events in users’ areas, says Lee.

Booyah Society was created by a group of former games industry
veterans from top games companies Blizzard Entertainment, Activision
and Insomniac Games.

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