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WoodWing releases Smart Speller CS4 and Smart Hyphen CS4

WoodWing Software has released enhanced versions
of its Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen plug-ins,
offering additional languages, more features and
full support for Adobe’s Creative Suite 4.

Using modules provided by the renowned language
experts from TAL, Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen
deliver the most reliable hyphenation and
spelling support in the industry for an
impressive number of languages. With the release
of Smart Speller CS4 and Smart Hyphen CS4, the
plug-ins have been enhanced even more, says Erik
Schut, President of WoodWing.

Among the enhancements to Smart Speller CS4:

° Support for InDesign CS4 and InCopy CS4;

° Support for Portuguese Acordo (Acordo Ortográfico);

° Additional preferences for word selection
(text-only, text plus numerals 0-9, and OCR),
minimum word length (allowing the user to skip
abbreviations) and checking punctuation.

The enhancements for Smart Hyphen CS4 include:

° Support for InDesign CS4, InDesign CS4 Server and InCopy CS4;

° Support for Swedish SAOL12 (SAOL, Svenska Akademiens OrtLista 12+);

° Support for Zulu and Xhosa (both are official languages in South Africa);

° Support for Portuguese Acordo (Acordo Ortográfico).

A fully functional 30-day trial version of the
software, as well pricing, can be downloaded from
WoodWing’s web site at

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