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WoodWing releases Smart Styles CS4

magazines, newspapers, books, and corporate agencies — has released
Smart Styles for Adobe Creative Suite 4. Smart Styles is an automated
formatting tool that simplifies repetitive formatting of text,
frames, and other objects in InDesign and InCopy.

Besides support for CS4, the new Smart Styles release also
incorporates Nested Styles enhancements (including GREP) and
enhancements for text with a stroke. Users of Smart Styles simply
drag a styled object into a Smart Styles library, after which Smart
Styles intelligently analyzes its formatting, according to Erik
Schut, president of WoodWing Software. Page designers can then drag
this Smart Style object out of the library and onto another page
element to apply the same formatting. Smart Stylescan also deal with
variations when the target object is different from the original.

Smart Styles also adds basic spreadsheet functionality to InDesign
and InCopy by allowing users to insert formulas into tables and sort
columns by multiple attributes such as alphabetical or numeric values
with ascending or descending options. A 30-day trial version is
available for download at the WoodWing site.

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