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AudioMulch interactive music studio comes to the Mac

Ross Bencina has released AudioMulch 2.0 (,
which brings the interactive music studio to the Mac for the first
time. The new version — which works with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher —
sports an interface update and workflow improvements including drag
and drop patching .

Other version 2.0 additions include patchable MIDI routing, a new
pattern editor, performance increases for audio processing, and new
automation features, including the ability to automate and MIDI
control AudioMulch’s Metasurface controller.

AudioMulch is designed for musical audio processing, composition, and
performance. Its modular patcher-style user interface promotes an
improvisational approach to music making. The software offers a range
of built in sound processing and audio mangling tools along with
parameter control capabilities that include time line automation, a
MIDI control mapping system and the Metasurface multi-parameter
After 10 years of running exclusively on Windows, entry into the Mac
market is a significant step for AudioMulch, says AudioMulch
developer and owner Ross Bencina. The software costs $189. Licensedd
version 1.0 users can upgrade for $89.

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