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Runtime Revolution 3.5 adds new Data Grids, more

The Runtime Revolution programming tool has been updated to version
3.5. The new version includes a brand new Data Grid object, allowing
flexible and professional presentation of any kind of data or layout,
according to Kevin Miller, Runtime Revolution CEO.

The company has also also added object-oriented behaviors allowing
developers to greatly enhance the speed and maintainability of their
code. Other new features included a re-imagined RevOnline code
sharing community and Collaborative Documentation. These features
make it easier for developers to get help, share code, widgets and
knowledge, Miller says. There are also 100 other bug fixes and minor

Revolution 3.5 is available in three editions: Revolution Enterprise
(US$499), intended for professional programmers; Revolution Studio
($249), for consultants and business managers; Revolution Media
($49), for beginners and hobbyists (version 3.5 of this edition is
coming soon). Users can download a free trial of version 3.0 from

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