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Runtime Ships Revolution 1.1.1, New Pricing


New pricing targets enterprise organizations, small businesses, and educators

Edinburgh, Scotland. 5 April 2002 – Runtime Revolution today announced the
release of version 1.1.1 of Revolution, the leading choice for
cross-platform software development for Mac OS, OS X, Unix, Linux, and
Windows. Since its launch in July of last year, Revolution has joined the
ranks of leading developer tools. Runtime Revolution’s ongoing commitment
to developers at all levels prompts new, lower-cost options for students,
teachers, and small businesses, in addition to enhanced support for
enterprise-level developers.

Revolution’s powerful programming language, easy-to-use interface builder,
and built-in Internet, multimedia and database access all combine to make
it the tool of choice for writing cross-platform software. Among available
RAD tools, Revolution stands alone in enabling developers to write a single
application that targets Mac OS, Windows, and Linux (and other popular Unix
flavors), supporting each operating system’s native look and feel with no
code changes needed.

—- Version 1.1.1 —-

Revolution 1.1.1 continues Runtime Revolution’s mission to deliver the best
in development tools, and combines the full features of version 1.1 with an
enhanced engine, better performance, and improved stability.

“We’re excited to be bringing our developers the best release yet of
Revolution.” said Kevin Miller, Runtime Revolution’s Managing Director.
“The enhanced features are great, and the new pricing makes Revolution
accessible to more users than ever before.”

Version 1.1.1 brings these major new features to Revolution’s developer
– Enhanced Internet library offers more comprehensive error reporting,
custom HTTP header control, and FTP upload capability.
– New driver interface support communicating with and controlling any
external device.
– Database Manager now supports Valentina, a powerful single-user
database, in addition to MySQL, Oracle, and ODBC databases.
– Database support is now available on OS X for MySQL and Valentina.
– Stability and compatibility have been improved throughout.

Revolution 1.1.1 is a free update for all Revolution 1.1 users. A free
download of the Starter Kit Edition is available from:

—- New Pricing —-

With version 1.1.1, Runtime Revolution has also revised its price structure
to offer more features at a lower cost to more developers:

– The Small Business Edition, priced at $299, replaces the Standard
Edition. The Small Business Edition includes all the features of the
Standard Edition, plus all upgrades for a year, and its price represents a
$50 savings from the Standard Edition.

– The Student-Teacher Edition, priced at $99, is available to all students
and K-12 teachers. The features are identical to the Small Business Edition
(but with restrictions on commercial distribution common to all the
educational editions).

These options join the existing license types, which include the
Professional Edition at $995, the K-12 Classroom Edition at $25 per user in
quantities of ten or more, and the Professional Educational Edition, which
offers the features of the Professional Edition at half price for
college-level educators. Substantial multi-user discounts are also available.

Runtime Revolution now offers enterprise-level options, which will include
customization of the development environment, a range of technical support
options, and training.


The Revolution development environment is a breakthrough for anyone who
writes and designs computer software. Revolution enables developers to
easily and quickly create powerful Internet-enabled applications and
solutions which can be delivered on Linux, Mac OS X, classic Mac OS,
Windows, and popular UNIX systems.

The Professional Edition, which includes technical support, more powerful
database access features and all updates for a year, is priced at $995.
Additional license options include the Small Business Edition at $299; K-12
educational licenses, which start at $25 (minimum ten copies); and the
downloadable Starter Kit Edition, which is completely free for unlimited
use, but limits the amount and complexity of code. Every edition (except
educational licenses) enables developers to distribute the software they
create with Revolution on every supported platform.


Runtime Revolution Limited is committed to the development of cutting-edge
professional programming software and engaging educational applications.
For more information about the company and its products, visit the Runtime
Revolution website at or email

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