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Cha-Ching now available for the iPhone, iPod touch

Cha-Ching by Midnight Apps ( is now
available for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s available in the Apple
App Store for US$2.99.

Cha-Ching is a bill for managing your cash. Cha-Ching Touch can use
your iPhone or iPod touch’s location to quickly enter most details of
a transaction for you. Once you have visited a place of business and
added a location to a payee one time, you will never have to type
that information again, according to the folks at Midnight Apps.

They say that with a few taps you can: enter new expenses; set up and
stick to a monthly budget; securely lock your data with a password;
track spending across unlimited custom categories; track income and
expenses across multiple accounts; and sync transactions to the
desktop with Cha-Ching 2 for Mac.

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