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Fanurio for Mac OS X adds new timesheet view, more

Atelier Software has released Fanurio 2.0
( ), an update of the Mac OS X time
tracking and billing application designed for freelancers. The
upgrade adds a new timesheet view, the ability to import timesheets
from other users or computers and the ability to export time,
invoices and payments to CSV or Excel. It also adds support for
partial payments and client statements.

With Fanurio you can organize your work, track time and create
invoices. It’s designed to help freelancers keep track of their time
and work, and then invoice it to their customers.

Every time you sign a contract, just add a new client to the
application and create a project. During the project, you can add
project items and expenses to account for your work. You can decide
any time if an item is billable or not, and if it should be billed
using an hourly rate or a flat rate. Billable items can later be
added to an invoice.

Partial invoices can be created anytime during a project. You can
invoice multiple projects too. Invoices can be exported to an HTML
file using an invoice template so that you can print or e-mail them.
The template can be customized.

The time spent on each item can be recorded using a timer or it can
be entered manually. Fanurio has an iTunes-like mini view that gives
you access to the timer. Data can be exported to CSV or Excel and the
application integrates with the Mac dock icon.

Fanurio costs US$59; version 2 is a free upgrade for registered
users. A demo is available at the product web site.

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