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Fanurio 1.10: Time Tracking and Billing for Freelancers

Atelier Software announces the release of Fanurio 1.10, a time tracking
and billing application designed for freelancers. With Fanurio,
freelancers can easily organize their work, track time and create

Each time a contract is signed, just add a new client to the application
and create a project. During the project, users can add project items and
expenses, decide anytime if an item is billable or not, and if it should
be billed using an hourly rate or a flat rate. Billable items can later be
added to an invoice. When the project is completed, it can be marked as
finished to hide it from other ongoing projects.

Freelancers don’t have to wait for the completion of the project to create
an invoice. Partial invoices can be created anytime during a project, or
multiple projects, as well as see which invoices are paid, unpaid or
overdue. Fanurio uses a powerful template language that can be used to
create both simple and complex invoice templates. Using a customizable
template, invoices may be exported to a HTML file so they can be printed
or e-mailed.

Fanurio has an iTunes-like mini view that gives quick access to the timer.
The time spent on each item can be recorded using a timer or it can be
entered manually. Work may be invoiced in one or more currencies and use
automatic invoice numbering to save time.

Main Features and Benefits:
* Organize work per client using projects
* Mark invoices as paid and track those which are overdue
* Mark work as billable (flat rate, hourly rate) or non-billable
* Create partial invoices anytime during the project
* Create invoices for single or multiple projects
* Customize invoice templates using your own layouts
* Import clients from other applications using a CSV file
* Export data to a CSV or Excel file and import it in other applications
* Create backup copies of your data

Here is a list with all the important changes of this version:
* Added smart timing to track time easier
* Added more timer actions
* Can create similar projects
* Invoices are exported using UTF-8 character encoding
* Many other improvements and bug fixes

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, Leopard compatible
* Universal Binary for PowerPC & Intel
* 10.4 MB Hard Drive space.

Pricing and Availability:
Fanurio 1.10 may be purchased for 39.00 USD from
( The trial version has all the
functionality of the paid version but with a 30-days limitation.

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