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equinux expands The Tube with iPhone support

equinux ( has expanded its
TV software The Tube with two free iPhone apps to
let you integrate the iPhone into the TV
experience. With Live TV, users can stream live
TV programs directly to their iPhone from their
Mac with The Tube.

With TubeToGo, you can access TV recordings on
their iPhone whenever and wherever. You can even
program recordings in The Tube on the go.

Live TV shows live television in an optimized
resolution for the iPhone when it is in the same
WLAN as The Tube software. As soon as an iPhone
is registered with The Tube, all currently
available TV channels will be available with a
click. It’s also just that easy to change
channels in “Live TV” and even start a recording,
according to equinux CEO Till Schadde.

With TubeToGo, iPhone users can watch The Tube
recordings on their iPhone via the internet.
Additionally, they can program recordings in
their personal electronic program guide (EPG) and
manage the complete recordings archive on the go.
TubeToGo also offers the possibility to share
published recordings with friends. TubeToGo uses
MobileMe or any other ftp server for online

Live TV and TubeToGo are now available to
download free at the Apple App Store. Both iPhone
apps run with equinux’ TV receiver TubeStick,
which costs US99.9.

The TubeStick for DTT/DV-T is available for 49,95
Euro at resellers or online on the equinux Online
Store. For customers who already own a TV
receiver for Mac: The Tube can be purchased for
$39.95/¤29,95 on the equinux Online Store. The
Tube supports more than 20 TV devices and is
localized in English, French, German, Italian and

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