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SemantiNet releases headup Semantic Web plug-in for Firefox as

SemantiNet, which makes Semantic technology, has announced that its
headup Semantic Web is now immediately available for download as a
public beta. headup is a new plugin for the Mozilla Firefox Web
browser that enables true semantic capabilities for the first time
within any web page.

Previously only available as part of a limited, closed beta, headup
can be downloaded for free as of today via and, headup is available for both the Microsoft
Windows and Mac OS X operating systems using the new Microsoft
Silverlight technology. End-user privacy is fully maintained
throughout the discovery and sharing process.

headup’s semantic engine retrieves personalized, meaningful
information in real-time about the data that specifically interests
the individual user. With this information, headup can seamlessly
and contextually ‘understand’ how dispersed data across the Web is
related and connect it in real time, alerting the user that there is
additional information of interest.

headup data is displayed fully in context on the existing page,
discreetly underlining words to provide notice that additional,
relevant content is available from dozens of popular Web services.

headup enables the serendipitous discovery of all kinds of new (but
relevant information) — ranging from new music & videos discovered
by your friends, to new blogs, data and photos that are specifically
related to the interests of you and the people in your social
networks. headup also allows newly discovered content to be posted
to your favorite sites, including Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter, digg
and delicious.

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