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SemantiNet announces support for Yahoo! Fire Eagle and Yahoo!

Both Fire Eagle and BOSS join SemantiNet’s support for Yahoo!
properties such as Flickr, Upcoming and Delicious. Through headup,
users can now experience a new method for experiencing many of
Yahoo!’s technology advances, as well as the power of Semantic Web
technology in a single solution, says Tal Keinan, CEO of SemantiNet.

Fire Eagle is a Yahoo!-owned service that acts as a “clearinghouse”
for a user’s physical location information. Other services and
applications can update or access this information via the Fire Eagle
API (application programming interface), having first obtained the
user’s permission. SemantiNet’s headup is considered by Yahoo! to be
an example for Fire Eagle integration, Keinan says

BOSS is Yahoo!’s open search web services platform. Developers,
start- ups, and large Internet companies can use BOSS to build and
launch web-scale search products that utilize the Yahoo! Search

headup is a new plugin for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that
enables semantic capabilities within any Web page. headup data is
displayed fully in context on the existing page, and can be opened
unobtrusively via a displayed “+” symbol next to the relevant content.

headup’s semantic engine retrieves information in real-time about the
data that specifically interests the individual user. With this
information, headup can contextually “understand” how dispersed data
across the web is related, and connect it in real time, alerting the
user via a “+” symbol that there’s additional information f interest.
User privacy is maintained and headup is available for both the Mac
OS X and Windows.

headup is available immediately for beta testing; interested users
can register for the limited number of beta invitations at

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