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Alteratec announces new hard disk drive duplicator

Aleratec (http://www.aleratec) — a developer and manufacturer of
solutions for the Blu-ray, DVD/CD, Flash, HDD, USB duplicating and
DVD/CD publishing markets — is launching the next generation of its
stand-alone HDD Cruiser, a hard disk drive duplicator and sanitizer
all in one unit.

The 1:5 HDD Cruiser will duplicate up to five HDDs simultaneously. It
can also sanitize up to six HDDs to assure that confidential data is
unreadable, according to Perry Solomon,president and CEO of Aleratec.
The sanitizing capability is particularly important with the rapid
advancement hard drives, and upgrading drives in systems is
commonplace, he adds.

The 1:5 HDD Cruiser is a stand\-alone unit so no computer is required
for operation. The Cruiser’s drive bays are equipped loading doors;
open the drive bay door to load or unload a drive.

When customers purchase one Aleratec 1:5 HDD Cruiser for use with
SATA hard disk drives, they qualify for one Aleratec 1:3 HDD Cruiser
for use with PATA hard disk drives free via mail in rebate. The 1:5
HDD Cruiser supports 3.5 inch SATA hard disk drives, but an optional
2.5 inch SATA hard drive adapter 2 pack is also available with an
estimated retail price of US$36.99.

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