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Aleratec introduces new flash drive duplication solutions

Aleratec ( — a developer and manufacturer of
solutions for the USB, Flash, HDD, Blu-ray, DVD/CD, duplicating, and
DVD/CD publishing markets — has announced two new systems for
duplicating large volumes of flash drives.

Data throughput isn’t limited by the number of flash drives loaded in
either the 1:118 USB Copy Tower SA or the 1:27 USB Copy Tower SA.
flash drive duplicators, according to Alteratec President and CEO
Perry Solomon. The 1:118 will copy, compare, or erase up to 118 flash
drives and the economical 1:27 will copy, compare, or erase up to 27
flash drives. These USB flash drive duplicators are stand alone so
no computer or any other equipment is required. Duplicating control
functions are selectable via a built in duplicator controller with a
back lighted LCD display.

The 1:118 USB Copy Tower SA will copy and compare 118 256MB flash
drives in about 50 seconds, says Solomon. You’ll have to contact
Aleratec for pricing options.

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