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TeamViewer 4 updated to version 4

TeamViewer GmbH, a provider of solutions for online communication and
collaboration, has announced TeamViewer V4, which offers users a
browser based desktop sharing, designed to facilitate cooperation and
information access in a mobile environment.

TeamViewer GmbH has reached another important milestone with
TeamViewer V4, maintaining their commitment to cross-platform
support, information security and a user friendly interface while
providing an innovative, browser based solution.In addition to
caching and compression performance tuning making TeamViewer V4 even
faster than previous versions, the new solution offers browser based
access, partner lists and multi-screen presentation creating a
complete, easy to use, desktop sharing solution.

TeamViewer V4 browser based access is a mobile solution created for
users on the go. Secure desktop sharing via the web browser is now
possible from any Windows based public workstation. To gain access
through the web browser, users simply enter their ID name and
password at

Once signed in, users connect with their partners to remotely access
a distant computer, without installing anything on their workstation.
TeamViewer browser based access is designed for high-security
environments where browser plug-ins and executable files are not
allowed. The secure Flash Player, already installed on virtually all
PCs, is the only technical requirement for web browser access.

The browser based function made possible with TeamViewer V4 enables
multiple participants in each presentation session. Viewers simply
enter the presenter ID and password at and
up to ten participants may join a presentation with the Premium

TeamViewer now features a partner list where the ID or account name
of trusted collaborators or remote computers are entered and saved.
This section also displays the online status of each party, enabling
users to connect to online partners with a mouse click.

Information stored in the partner list is portable and accessible
through the individual TeamViewer account. Once signed in, users are
able to access their partner lists from any public workstation,
through the secure TeamViewer connection. Fast and easy connectivity
between parties on the partner list facilitates web collaboration and
team work.

TeamViewer V4 is fully operational on Windows systems. Like all
TeamViewer solutions, V4 maintains the highest security standards.
TeamViewer works behind firewalls, enabling information sharing
without compromising computer security.

Professional versions of TeamViewer V4 are available in Business or
Premium licenses and can be downloaded at

All TeamViewer V4 business licenses are purchased with a single
one-time payment. TeamViewer V4 is available free for private,
non-commercial use.

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