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TeamViewer offers new collaborative tools for the Mac

TeamViewer (, a provider of solutions for
online communication and collaboration, now offers professionals
desktop sharing with instant chat messaging and customized
QuickSupport for advanced communication on a Mac.

Further enabling online collaboration, TeamViewer offers enhanced
chat instant messaging for the Mac platform. Designed especially for
business communication, group chat is possible with multiple partners
able to share immediately and effectively. Status updates signal
partner availability while messages sent when partners are away will
be displayed when the user is available.

In addition, companies using Mac OS are now able to facilitate
customized sharing and support with TeamViewer’s Custom QuickSupport
tool. Businesses can incorporate their company logo, colors and
individual text to create brand continuity when using TeamViewer
QuickSupport to access colleague, client or prospect computers
anywhere in the world.

All TeamViewer software features cross-platform support, and is fully
operational on both Mac and Windows systems. Professional versions of
TeamViewer V4 are available in Business, Corporate or Premium
licenses and can be downloaded at the TeamViewer web site. All
TeamViewer V4 business licenses are purchased with a single one-time
payment. TeamViewer V4 is available free for private, non-commercial

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