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Real OOP with REALbasic book (beta) available

Relevant Logic has released (I)Real OOP with REALbasic(/a), a book
designed to get you off to a running start learning Object Oriented
Programming using the REALbasic programming language.

It’s written by Guyren G Howe, a long-time REALbasic developer, and a
regular presenter on “Object Oriented Programming at the REAL World”
conference. Purchasers of the beta downloadable version will get a
discount on the purchase price (US$20 during the beta period; $25
thereafter), free updates through the release, a discount on the
printed version when it is made available, and the ability to
influence the final version of the book by contributing to discussion
of its content. The final version is expected in early 2009.

The book is about 30,000 words, or 150 pages. Purchase is available
via Google Checkout, at

There are three sections. The first is a walk-through tutorial
showing the development of an example application. The second is a
detailed reference to the “inadequately documented OOP features of
REALbasic (i.e., nearly all of them).” The third is an introduction
to Object Oriented Design.

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