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First Class Flurry game released for the Mac

Viqua Games has released First Class Flurry for Mac OS X. It’s a new
time-management casual game that lets players experience the job of a
flight attendant as they help bring a bankrupt airline back to the
top of the airline industry.

In First Class Flurry, players control the airline’s top flight
attendant Claire as she attends to the needs of passengers. The
in-game tasks are what you’d expect for a flight attendant including
activities such as serving drinks, preparing meals, handing out
pillows, and helping passengers find their seats.

The game begins with Claire working in Economy Class and then
advancing to Business Class, First Class and beyond. As players play
through all five classes in the game, they will meet more than 20
different types of passengers, many of which provide new twists to
the game. ‘We tried to make each passenger type add something new to
the gameplay. ‘ said Chanon Sajjamanochai, the game’s producer.

A free trial of First Class Flurry for Mac and additional information
about the game is available at

The full version can be bought online at for US$19.95.

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