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iPads help budget airline reduce fuel costs


Budget airline Scoot is offering iPads to long-haul travelers “after ripping out aircraft entertainment systems weighing more than two tons to save fuel,” reports “Bloomberg” (

The Apple tablets helped the carrier cut 7% off the weight of planes obtained from parent Singapore Airlines Ltd. (SIA) even after a 40% increase in seating, CEO Campbell Wilson says. The savings will help Scoot, which makes its maiden flight today, cope with fuel prices that have jumped about 36% in two years, notes “Bloomberg.”

Scoot will charge economy passengers S$22 ($17) a trip to rent the tablets, which are loaded with movies, music, games and television shows. The budget carrier will loan the iPads free to passengers in its business-class seats. It eventually intends to have users access content via a wireless system onboard planes, says “Bloomberg.”

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